Take advantage of the enhanced Énergir grant before it expires!

This limited time offer gives you access to 50% more financing

If you are interested in real estate optimization grants, you probably know as well as we do that the conditions can change overnight. To get the most out of these opportunities, you need to be able to spot a golden offer and act quickly!

Trust us, we see grants coming through every day. And this time, our team is unanimous: seize the opportunity while it lasts.

What’s so special about this offer?

Énergir consistently offers very generous incentives for various types of projects. Until March 31, 2021, the natural gas distributor is also offering a 50% bonus on its existing grant for the purchase of high efficiency heating and hot water equipment.

This offer is aimed at Énergir’s existing customers (i.e. buildings already supplied with natural gas), whether they are multi-tenant, commercial or industrial.

The goal: to encourage building owners to replace their energy-guzzling dinosaurs with the latest appliances. Good news for the environment… and for your wallet!

Please note that the conditions surrounding this incentive are subject to change without notice. If you already have a project in mind, or if your equipment has seen better days, don’t wait.


The numbers speak for themselves, take the example of our client

As soon as this promotion was announced, we advised one of our clients to take advantage of it. His 9-unit building was heated by an old natural gas unit. A behemoth like no other.

His annual energy bill? So high that we had to call him to double-check the number of units served! After checking, it was not a mistake, but proof that it was good time to act.

With the enhanced grant, our client was able to shave $8,000 off his $18,000 bill. Add to that our extended warranty on the equipment, greater reliability, and the savings of about 25% per year generated by the high energy efficiency. The math is simple – and profitable!

In about 3 years, you will have achieved a full return on your investment, your operating costs will have decreased, and your building will have increased in value.

Interested by this unbeatable offer? Our team will take care of the subsidy applications for you free of charge and will handle the project from A to Z. Contact us!


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