A history of passion and innovation

About us

Our mantra

Always improve on yesterday's accomplishments

Actif is the merger of two passions. Real estate and Building Mechanics. This merger translates into a business acumen and an excellent technique that we have always strived to improve upon.

Together, these two focus areas of expertise allow us to maximize the potential of your real estate assets and to allow them to reach their utmost optimization.


Raising the bar in the industry and increasing our skills tenfold, is the source of our motivation.


Honesty is essential as far as we are concerned, for the greater good of our clients and their buildings.


Working with people who love what they do is never a chore!

" Your building deserves the best systems, because it is an important property asset, be it in your portfolio or as a cultural heritage real estate property. "

Two approaches

One team

What distinguishes Actif is probably the will to accompany each customer at every step of the way. The complementary profiles of our two founders, added to the enviable technical expertise of our team, are the basis of this perfect formula.

From grant applications to emergency breakdown services, our certified specialists are your trusted allies.

By your side, rain or shine

Our team always takes the call. Whatever the question, we will provide the right answer.

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