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Actif is the combination of technical excellence and business acumen. For our clients, this fusion translates into a complete service, from grant applications to equipment installation, to after-sale services.

For our team, it is the assurance of working for a company that cares about doing things right. We surround ourselves with innovative people who have fun working together.

Our founders

Two complementary expertise

Francois Richard Directeur Des Operations Actif

“When I help a client, my goal is to find the perfect solution for their situation. I give a lot of importance to finding equipment that is innovative, durable, easy to repair and most importantly, engineered for our climate.”

François Richard, Director of operations

After 30 years in the business, François does not shy away from anything. He takes pride in staying close to his team, his customers and his suppliers. For him, technical excellence is linked to communication, honesty and trust.

François is a Master Electrician, Master Plumber, and certified natural gas professional. He specializes in hydronic heating and has contributed to several large-scale projects, notably in hotels, industrial buildings, multi-family dwellings and retirement homes.


“For me, the secret of pleasure at work is quite simple: never stop innovating. By constantly updating your skills, and always looking to improve, you never get bored. That, in my opinion, is what it means to live your passion.”

Natalia Kourant, President and CEO

Natalia’s passion is real estate. She believes that every building – old or new – deserves to have systems that are 110% optimized, and she is willing to do anything to make this goal accessible to her clients!

As an accredited real estate appraiser with an MBA, Natalia has a strong entrepreneurial streak and understands your business issues. She is ideally suited to assist you with your grant applications and project management.

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