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Helping you to obtain energy grants

Comprehensive support

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Our work doesn’t begin when it’s time to install hot water of heating equipment. The Actif advantage is a team dedicated to your success, always ready to go the extra mile to provide you with a truly comprehensive service.

We are here to help you obtain energy grants, to guide you in choosing optimal solutions and to generate savings on energy consumption.


We always have time to answer your questions and find solutions. That’s what it means to be an alliance.

Always listening

We understand your entrepreneurial reality because we live in it too. Your concerns will always be heard.

We react

As soon as you sound the alarm, our emergency service team is on its way. Day or night, rain or shine.

Share your challenges with us

Upgrading to new building standards, new constructions, energy optimization, our experts do not shy away from anything, and react quickly.

Your project is within reach

We will find the right energy grants

Innovation on our radar

We like to be on the cutting edge, so our team is constantly learning about the energy grants available in Quebec, and we develop our solutions accordingly.

Pros in strategic applications

We select the options best suited to your situation, gather the necessary information and complete all the paperwork for you.

With you all the way

After completing a job, we take charge of the analyses attesting the effectiveness of your systems. Many grants require proof that the initial objectives have been met!

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