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Modernization and optimization of systems, including the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Prepare for the future, think electrification

The transition to green energy is moving at a rapid pace, as is the stringency of regulations! You need to adapt to these changes now to stay ahead of the curve.

The benefits to the environment are significant – but so are the benefits to your wallet. Whether it’s installing electric charging stations, adopting a smart energy management system, or upgrading your heating and lighting, the benefits of reduced energy consumption will be significant. Our master electricians are familiar with the latest technologies and are there for you.

We always answer the call

Our certified technicians are accessible 24/7, ready to travel to your location to offer you a helping hand. With over 30 years in the business, we’ve seen it all and we don’t back down from anything

But the Actif difference doesn’t stop here. As entrepreneurs, we know that the key to success is innovation. Our team never hesitates to test a new technology and always looks for the most profitable options for our clients.

Ready to upgrade your systems or to install an EV charging station?

Our master electricians will quickly provide with an answer.

We work with the best manufacturers

Call us for:

  • Sale and Installation of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Electric charging stations for residential use
  • Electric charging stations for commercial
  • Electric charging stations for multi-residential use
  • Installation of remote energy management systems
  • Upgrading of lighting (LED) and intelligent thermostats
  • Installation and maintenance of generators
  • Electric heating and water heaters
  • Commercial and industrial wiring and electricity
  • Dual energy heating 
  • Inspection of backflow preventers
  • Installation of backflow preventers

The largest selection of electric charging stations in Quebec

Actif has a separate service division, MaBorne, that sells and installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. With just a few clicks, you can obtain detailed information on electric vehicle charging stations adapted to the Quebec market. Whether it’s your private residence, a co-ownership, a business or a company, the electrification of your means of transport is within your reach.

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